Veganism and vegan shopping in Finland gathers lists of vegan (food) products available in Finnish grocery stores and supermarkets. You can also learn about animal ingredients found in food, drinks, shoes, clothing, and cosmetics, as well as information on cruelty-free cosmetics, supplements and vegan-friendly specialty shops in Finland.

The product lists can be helpful for those trying out veganism or vegetarianism and for long-term vegans alike, those who are interested in reducing their intake of animal products, people with allergies (dairy, eggs), as well as for family members and friends of vegans.

On this English summary page you will find a translated list of animal ingredients and terminology, and a basic overview of vegan product availability in Finland.

Shopping for vegan food in Finland


K-citymarket Turku Länsikeskus vegetarian products display.

In recent years, vegan products have gained popularity, and are becoming more readily available in Finnish supermarkets and even smaller corner shops. In some stores you can find a separate designated veggie product shelf.

Basic vegetarian staple items are abundant, such as fresh and frozen vegetables, fruits and berries, bread (nearly always vegan), grains, beans, canned goods, dry soy/bean products, condiments, margarine, juices, sweets, snacks and chocolate. In addition, nearly every store carries tofu and plant-based dairy (milk, yogurt, cream, cheese, ice cream). Some processed meat-subtitutes (Hälsans Kök sausages, Nutana sausages, most Quorn products) found in supermarkets are non-vegan, as they contain egg. Vegan meat-like products are sold by the brands Anamma, Oumph, Hälsans Kök, Wheaty, Bon Vegan, Tzay and Pouttu. Frozen and microwavable ready-meals, lunch options and salad bars are also common nowadays.


Vegan shop Vegekauppa in Turku.

Products such as nutritional yeast, gluten flour, seitan, tempeh, egg replacers, agar-agar, vegan white and milk chocolate, vegan vitamin D and omega-supplements are usually sold only in specialty shops (health food or organic) and online. In Finland there is a small vegan store chain Vegekauppa, which carries an impressive variety of vegan products in its three locations (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku). Check out the rest of Finland’s vegan-friendly shops! Most larger cities have oriental or Asian markets which sell vegan items not found in regular stores.

Animal ingredients and vegan terminology in Finnish

Many packaged products have multi-language ingredient lists, sometimes including English. Very few manufacturers have adopted labelling products vegan, but once in a while  you do find some sort of logo or mention on the package.

Please note: many of the following words are also used joined with other words in the form of a compound word. Some examples: “lihaliemi” (meat broth), “kananrasva” (chicken fat) , “voiöljy” (butter oil), “juustoaromi” (cheese flavoring) and “herajauhe” (whey powder).

  • Liha – meat
  • Naudanliha / Nauta – beef
  • Sianliha / Sika – pork
  • Kinkku – ham
  • Kana – chicken
  • Kala – fish
  • Lohi – salmon
  • Poronliha / poro – reindeer
  • Hirvenliha / hirvi – moose/elk
  • Kananmuna / muna – egg
  • Keltuainen – egg yolk
  • Valkuainen – egg white
  • Maito – milk
  • Kerma – cream
  • Jogurtti – yogurt
  • Piimä – buttermilk
  • Rahka – quark
  • Kermaviili – sour cream
  • Juusto – cheese
  • Voi – butter
  • Hera – whey 
  • Laktoosi – lactose
  • Kaseiini – casein
  • Liivate – gelatin
  • Gelatiini – gelatin
  • Hunaja – honey
  • Mehiläisvaha – beeswax
  • E120 – carmine (from insects)
  • E901 – beeswax (from insects)
  • E904 – shellac (from insects)
  • Vegaaninen – vegan (adj.)
  • Vegaani – a vegan (noun)
  • Vegaaniruokavalio – a vegan diet
  • Kasviperäinen – plant-based / plant origin
  • Kasvipohjainen – plant-based
  • Vege – veggie (vegetarian, sometimes meant to mean vegan)
  • Kasvissyöjä – vegetarian
  • Kasvisruoka – vegetarian food
  • Kasvisvaihtoehto – vegetarian option